Signup tweaks

Here are some tips and tweaks for django-sitegate signup flows.

Sending confirmation email for email-aware signups

By default email-aware signup flows do not ask a user to verify his email address, to change this behaviour you need to take some additional steps:


This feature depends upon django-sitemessage.

Make sure it is installed and configured to use SMTP.


This feature also depends upon Django Messages Contrib. Make sure it is available.

  • Either override verify_email flow class attribute or provide verify_email keyword attribute to signup_view decorator:

  • Attach sitegate urls to urlpatterns of your project (

    from sitegate.toolbox import get_sitegate_urls
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
    urlpatterns += get_sitegate_urls()
  • You’re done. Upon registration user will be notified he needs to confirm his email address.

    An email with account activation link will be sent by django-sitemessage.


Texts (both sent by email and shown on site) could be customized.

See Preferences chapter.